What’s the difference between Panties and Bikinis?

content warning for: mentions of menstruation, sexual harassment/assault, body image, and broad generalizations about sex & gender stuff.

Y’know how Anime Boys will sometimes enter an Anime Girls’ bedroom and he’ll  accidentally see her in her bra and panties?

The anime girl will usually become flustered, scream really loud, and generally become very pissed off. Sometimes she’ll straight up slug the guy– and the poor anime boy is left wondering to himself: What did I do to warrant that kind of reaction?! It Was An Accident!!”

After all, it’s not like he saw her Naked or anything. It’s just panties, so what’s the big deal? How is it different from seeing her in a bikini? That anime boy doesn’t deserve that kind of abuse!! Why is she even holding a grudge? Why is she so MAD??

I know I’m beating a dead horse by using an image from The Asterisk War, but I usually avoid these type of shows like the plague, so it was just easier to snap a screen shot from this part since everybody knows how awful this opening sequence was.

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The Creepy-Cute That Is Milpom★

If you haven’t heard of Milpom★ (Milpom or Milpom Star, either one seems to be correct), it’s a currently airing, stop-motion ONA that follows the comedic exploits of four fashionable girls living in a world in which wearing animal mascot heads is considered the norm.

milpom2Characters from left to right: Happy, Milpom, Silky, & Cacao

Even if you find that synopsis and above image deeply off-putting, I hope you’ll still join me under the cut as I briefly cover the first two episodes and my initial first impressions of the series’ pilot. (Consider this a three-part piece for the price of one blog post!)

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