Hey y’know how writing blog entries have taken me over a century because I have a dozen drafts and none of them are finished?

Well, apparently I’ve been taking so long that I’ve actually been able to get a job irl!!

My First Job!!

So I’m no longer a NEET?!

But now maybe I can support my hobbies?? Among other important things??


It’s funny because I have both math anxiety and social anxiety AND NOW I’M WORKING IN RETAIL!

It’s literally hell, but not for the reasons the internet told me it would be.

At any rate I still plan to write some things! The only difference now is that my slow rate now seems to have a legitimate excuse (read: exhaustion) and I’m also getting some kind of income and regular human interaction, where as previously I was receiving none (hense the isolation in the blog url).

Speaking of which, the url of my blog isn’t changing. Before I was just isolated in the literal sense, where as now I’m isolated emotionally I guess. (Though I still don’t leave the house all that much aside from working & shopping)



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